LEATHER covered coffee table ART book


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This work is one of a kind. Truly a soulful gift for a young artist or anyone else you hold particularly close to your heart.

While sitting at my work table I thought I'd make a refill sketch pad for my leather binding.  I had a Indian cotton rag paper with the edges from the pan they were made in and folded they fit perfectly.  Next to me as I finished that I saw a stack of small pieces of Lokta paper in a wonderful variety of colors left over from a previous project.  I thought to make collages with an emphasis on color and abstract graphic elements.  As fast as possible I began without a plan and by the end of the night I had finished twelve.  I took apart the booklet and there I had six pages, each with two collages on them.

Himalayan Lokta paper is entirely handmade in Nepal, using ancient and traditional Tibetan methods (see description among photos). The collage, papiers collés, is cemented on 100% cotton rag paper hand made in India, all edges deckled from the making of the paper. 7" L x 5" H. Sky blue vegetable tanned Italian leather.

This is an original artwork, designed and hand made by me in my New York City studio. Each artwork I knife cut the pieces myself and is unique and may have slight variations in colors from your screen to the photos. Made in the U.S.A.

This artwork is sold as is, a wonderful, imperfect and charmingly hand wrought object to be cherished and touched for generations.

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