about me

SHOE LAB NYC and SAIL DUE WEST is a New York based design studio, specializing in unique, high quality, handcrafted in America, leather goods. 

My grandfather had a shoe factory, so did my father, I've been a shoe designer for over forty years, I still am. Last year I began designing and making small leather goods. 

I design products with a respect and honor for the noble creatures leather is harvested from.  The magical and beautiful character of the leathers is revealed after use.

I design to satisfy my own standards and for the joy of knowing those who have what I make will cherish it with use over the many years it should last.

Thank you for shopping with us. 


Sail Due West is an allegory, a phrase to incite an action and a question.  It represents a process I use while traveling through life.

I must orient myself, I need to know where I am, where are my feet standing?  Where do I want to go now and what is the first step, how to I prepare?  I take a hard look at reality, imagining the path and consider the conditions in the world, What’s the weather?  Which direction is the wind blowing, which way are the uncontrollable currents moving?  Can I leverage any obstacles to my advantage?  Then, with a firm hand on the tiller and tight control of the mainsail sheet, I harden up and move into the wind heading due west.

find joy in the chaos of life

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