Small Leather Goods

I make small leather goods designed to be minimalist and efficient using the finest and most interesting materials I find from tanneries around the world.  First, I satisfy my own standards, thus giving the highest value possible.

My designs are made with high quality, 100% eco-friendly, sustainable, vegetable tanned, full grain leather.  Stitched by hand using a strong waxed thread made in Maine.

The stitching is an ancient, double needle saddle stitch method and guarantees you'll own a product that lasts a long time. My hope is what I make becomes heritage pieces, to be passed down to the next generation along with the many stories of the time in your life it traveled with you.

Every sailor, before setting sail, has to decide on which course to take.  In life, everyone must do as sailors do.  Prepare the boat, feel the direction of the wind, know the waters, read the weather, trim the sails and sail due west.

Go in peace,


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