medium giraffe desk

32"W x 27"L (medium)

giraffe desk

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The medium sized giraffe is 32"W x 27"L with a 9 inch height

The giraffe DESK extension instantly creates a standing desk using your existing desk.  The giraffe DESK is hand made in America with domestic, high quality, 1/2 inch acrylic sheets that are hand cut and finished to produce a firm, solid desk top and work area.   The unit arrives fully assembled, the design is elegant and minimal and the production is hand wrought, the process has a relatively small carbon footprint.

The brilliance of the unit is it's transparency.  The light reaches the surface of the desk it sits on, the giraffe DESK literally doubles your desk top, work area.  working from a standing position will revolutionize your life, claims that sound hyperbolic are not and are based on research and science.  You will gain better posture, higher metabolism, more energy for longer periods of time, improved digestion, circulation and blood pressure.  The list is longer and the facts remain.  Buy a giraffe DESK and live longer than all your friends.

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"If you're a design-conscious individual, looking for a standing desk solution that doesn't disrupt or eliminate your existing office furniture, the Giraffe Desk is for you." Diana Hong SVP Creative Director @

Six to eight weeks delivery, shipping and handling not included.  Rush orders possible depending on our artisan manufacturer's back log.

...time to stand up and get to work