packed and ready



  re·sort [ri-zawrt] noun:  a place to which people frequently or generally go for relaxation or pleasure, especially one providing...

sleeping brandy on a giraffe DESK


Copywriters: Your Work is Killing You by LORRAINE THOMPSON

  Attention copywriters: your career is deadly. No, it’s not the Recession. It’s not brutal deadlines. It’s not difficult clients, writer’s ...

giraffe BOX magical, colorful paper

our box using the most wonderful paper... Lokta Paper is handcrafted from the bark of the Daphne bush (Daphne Cannabina Papyracea), which...


  ...nice mention, thanks Caitlin.

a giraffe, brandy and me


Dad's patent (sort of)

 the strada construction my father developed for the company he was working with at the time.