most comfortable flat ever

the leather molds to your feet like a well worn pair of jeans 


colorful boxes

packed with love

one last look before we ship them to you

Beyoncé loves these flats

whether traveling to Havana, rehearsing her dance moves for a tour or biking to a gig, this shoe performs

soft leather strips hand woven

light and lovely, with a flexible leather sole

a family business

we have a small company with friends in the factories

Blog posts

Leather Terminology

Vegetable-Tanned tanned using tannin and other ingredients found in the leaves, barks, woods, nuts and galls of various trees.. Very stron...

giraffe WALK now is SHOE LAB NYC

We've changed our name to SHOE LAB NYC from giraffe WALK.  Why you ask?  We've expanded what we do to include helping design students and people in...